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About Surge Protection

Power surges happen when excess electricity flows through your home or business electrical system. An unprotected system can see damage to all electronics attached to it. Because of the delicate components in modern electronics, all devices are vulnerable to damage. whole house surge protectors give homeowners real protection against power surges. The functionality and lifespan of your electronic devices will be greatly extended.

Power surges are familiar to the general population. They are simply more of a problem today because of all of the technology we use in our homes. Devices like these are more sophisticated and delicate than ever, vulnerable to damage from small routine surges. Many people plug electronics into surge protectors to try to avoid some of this damage.

When Do Surges Happen?

Every time the electricity from your utility company fluctuates or your power is restored after an outage, a power surge occurs. Small surges can also happen when household appliances are turned on and off.

What Can I Do To Prevent Damage?

Many people use surge protectors for their computers. These surge protectors only work if your electrical system is grounded. You also need three-pronged plugs and quality surge protectors.
Consumer-grade surge protectors come in a wide range of qualities. Some are very effective while others do next to nothing for you. Also, because surge protection only works with a grounded system, you should have an electrician check your system’s grounding. Three-pronged outlets give the appearance of a grounded system, even if it is not truly grounded.

Whole house surge protectors are becoming more common in new homes. They give real, cost effective protection. You may want one for your home or office in order to get the same level of protection. If you want to know more about whole house surge protectors, please give the Bay Area electricians Rortech Electric a call today for a free consultation.

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