Some dimmers may be warm to the touch whenever they are in use. Although this may be alarming, it is actually completely normal. Dimmers often generate a small amount of heat whenever they are being used, especially when you have more than one dimmer in the same area.

If your dimmer is very warm or hot, there may be an underlying safety issue. In this case, call your local electrician right away to come take a look.

Two Warnings About Dimmers

  • You should never hook a standard dimmer up to low-voltage lights or anything with a motor or paddle fans. Special dimmers are available for these devices.
  • You should be careful to not exceed the wattage that is recommended for your dimmer. Your standard dimmer is designed to handle a maximum of 600 watts total. This is equivalent to six 100-watt bulbs or ten 60 watt bulbs.

If you need to power more than 600 watts, there are special dimmers that are designed for high wattage situations.