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About GFI Electrical Outlets

Never use electronic devices in, around, or near water. This can easily cause electric shock. Even plugged into a normal electrical outlet, a shock like this can be fatal.

To prevent these accidents, the National Electric Code dictates that GFCI (Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters) outlets must be installed in areas around water. These areas include garages, kitchens, pools, bathrooms, and outdoors. GFI outlets detect electric flow abnormalities. When they detect a problem, power is immediately shut down. GFIs frequently save lives.

GFI outlets have characteristic “TEST” and “RESET” buttons between the two outlet plugs. To test, press the “TEST” button. This will turn off that outlet, and the “RESET” button will pop out. Then push the “RESET” button to reactivate the outlet. Test your GFIs monthly. For more information, read our GCFI tips.

If your bathrooms, kitchen, and other areas do not already have GFIs in place, please give Rortech Electric a call. We can also repair faulty GFI outlets. GFIs are a small investment, but they could one day save your life. Your Bay Area electricians can help!

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