Free Electrical Estimates

About Free Electrical Estimates

Free Electrical Estimates
We will happily give you a free estimate at any time. This offer is good for phone consultations and most in-person estimates for electrical work.

Why do we give Free Estimate?

A lot of electricians don’t offer free phone estimates. They will charge you for an estimate visit from one of their technicians. This cost is often taken out of your final bill, if you choose them for your project.

We feel that this practice puts inappropriate pressure on you to choose their company. It may keep you from finding the best available prices. We choose to operate differently. By offering you a free estimate, we make a fair offer of our work, based on our experience, reasonable rates, and courtesy. Give your Bay Area electrician, Rortech Electric, a call today!

Free Electrical Estimates FAQs

Can you give me an over-the-phone estimate for installing a charger for an electric car?
When are you not able to give a free estimate?
Why won’t you give phone estimates when troubleshooting is required?
What is an estimate? What is a bid?

Can you estimate the cost of installing an electric vehicle charger?

Definitely. EV charger installations will be at least $200, the final price depending on the work required. We will ask about the location of your electrical panel and other questions in order to get you a more solid estimate. If you are interested in what we offer, we will send a technician to survey the job. He will make sure your electrical panel can handle the load and look for a good location for the charger. Then he will give you a final, written bid for your project.

When are you not able to give a free estimate?

When something is malfunctioning or broken, we usually need to investigate the situation in person. Because of the labor involved, we must charge you for this time. However, the problems are frequently simple, and our electricians are able to fix them on the spot. If not, they will always give you a written bid within the first hour of their visit.

Why won’t you give phone estimates when troubleshooting is required?

Each electrical problem may have a very complex cause. For example, your landscape lighting may not work because of a bad outlet connection. However, the problem may be deep in your underground wiring system. This will require much more time and equipment.

Because we never know how complex a problem may be, we do not provide up-front estimates for troubleshooting jobs. Electrical systems tell us little about what causes their problems. Nonetheless, we guarantee to give you a firm bid within the first hour troubleshooting an electrical problem.

What is an estimate? What is a bid?

We give free estimates for new electrical installations, like new outlets and ceiling fans. If you like the bid, we will schedule an appointment to do the job. Before doing the work, we will give you a firm, written bid based on what we see onsite. This is a final price that will not change.

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