Electromagnetic Field FAQs

What is Electromagnetic Radiation or EMR?

All lifeforms have had to deal with a small bit of exposure to EMR since the beginning of time. This exposure has been weak and natural, given off by Earth itself.

It wasn’t until the 20th century when technology started advancing that man-made EMR was introduced. This man-made electromagnetic radiation is unnatural and different than anything humans have had to deal with in the past. We can thank modern electricity for this exposure. The problem is that EMR travels as fast as the speed of light and humans cannot see it.

EMR is generally organized by frequency and wavelength. Its frequency is measured by the number of times it repeats or cycles per second. The wavelength is measured by the physical size of the wave. The lower the frequency, the longer the wavelengths and the higher the frequency, the shorter the wavelengths. When EMR has low frequency it’s called non-ionizing radiation. If it’s the opposite and has high frequency, it’s called ionizing radiation and can be seen in the Electromagnetic Spectrum.

There are so many different terms when it comes to Electromagnetic Radiation. AC Fields, DC Fields, Magnetic Fields, Electric Fields, etc. Here’s a quick definition list:

AC – Means Alternating Current. Continually changes polarity from positive to negative which creates a push pull force effect.

DC – Mean Direct Current. This is a constant force of continual field.

RF / Microwaves – Alternating field properties. Much higher frequencies.

Ionizing radiation – Particles that have sufficient energy to take out an electron from an atom or molecule.

What is the Electromagnetic Spectrum?

Sorted by frequency, the Electromagnetic Spectrum is a range that shows all of the possible frequencies of EMR.

The spectrum starts at the low frequency end which includes non-ionizing radiation sources. The sources found here include electricity, AM/FM radios, TV, cell phones, wi-fi, and microwaves. On the other end of the spectrum are ionizing radiation sources such as x-rays and gamma radiation.

What is an AC Electromagnetic Field?

AC Electromagnetic Fields, or EMF, are produced by moving an object that is electrically charged. This affects the behavior of objects that are charged near the field. The field can been seen as a combination of both an AC electric field and an AC magnetic field. Because it is an alternating current, it changes its polarity from positive to negative.

AC Electric Fields are formed when there is a presence of electricity. The strength of an AC Electric Field is calculated by voltage, the more voltage, the stronger the field will be. These fields are developed by live electrical wires and can travel up to 8 feet away from the source. Even when a device is turned off the electric field can still exist. The fields are considered to have a low frequency EMR and are naturally attracted to the ground and the human body.

AC Magnetic Fields are created by the flow of electricity through all our devices and wiring. A normal living space can contain dozens of devices and appliances. The magnetic field in these devices is related to the consumption of power. The higher the consumption the higher the magnetic field.

What is RF Radiation?

Radio Frequency, or RF, is seen in our everyday lives. These waves are used to send information from one place to another via the air. Mobile communication, radio, TV, and satellites all used RF waves. These waves are high energy and can travel for miles and miles but also are considered to have high frequency EMR associated with them.

What is a DC Electromagnetic Field?

DC, or Direct Current, electromagnetic fields have a constant DC electric emission that has a frequency of 0 Hz.

DC Electric Fields are formed by taking two poorly conducting materials and rubbing them against each other. This creates a build up of electrons on one side. These fields can also exist in the air like during a thunderstorm.

DC Magnetic Fields are formed by both natural and artificial sources. The “Magnetic North” is created by DC lines that naturally flow from the earth. Man-made sources such as batteries, solar, or wind power can also create DC Fields.

What is Ionizing Radiation?

Ionizing Radiation is a bad type of radiation. This type of radiation is of very high frequency and short wavelengths. The atomic particles are accelerated which allows they to deposit localized energy in mediums that are absorbing. At this rate the particles can dislodge electrons from atoms and cause chemical bonds to be disrupted. When ionizing radiation seeps into living cells, the interaction can injure the cell. Radiation can alter any molecule in the cell but the main target is DNA.

What is EHS?

EHS, or Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity, is a disorder that is caused by sensitivity to electricity. Due to technology advancing at a high pace, we are seeing more and more people falling ill because of exposure to EMF. New sicknesses and diseases have formed for current generations that weren’t around decades before. In addition to EHS, new types of cancer have also been seen due to EMR. Both EHS and new cancer types may be linked to exposure to EMF and RF which consist of AC electric and magnetic fields.

It is important to reduce prolonged exposure to these fields as they are detrimental to our health. Fortunately there are tools and technology out there that can detect and help mitigate exposure to EMF.

What are the symptoms of EHS?

There are various symptoms you should look out for if you think you have been exposed to EMF. These include a variety of neurological, cardiac, respiratory and other symptoms. If you think you have been exposed to EMF for too long, check below for any of these issues.

Difficulty Concentrating
Memory Loss
Shortness of Breath
Chest Pain or Pressure
Low or High Blood Pressure
Skin Rash
Eye Pain or Burning
Deteriorating Vision

Long term health effects of EHS include cancer in adults, tumors, childhood leukemia, nerve damage, MS, and more. You can tell how far along EHS is by the severity of the symptoms. Slight discomfort is usually seen in early stages while debilitating long term effects show that EHS has progressed. A medical professional such as a Naturopathic or Environmental Doctor can better diagnose your symptoms.