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Bay Area Commercial Solar Panels

Bay Area Commercial Solar Panels

About Commercial Solar Panels

Your Business Can Go Solar with No Upfront Capital Investment

Thousands of businesses, large and small, throughout the U.S. are protecting themselves against rising energy bills by installing commercial solar panels on their roofs. Solar companies have developed a new financing model for business customers. No upfront investment is required, and the business typically experiences lower energy bills from Day 1. Add to this the benefits of clean energy for the country and the environment, and solar is a Win-Win choice.

Protect Your Business from Electrical Rate Increases

Commercial electrical prices have increased 38% since the year 2000. Generating solar electricity on your roof typically lowers your electrical bill now and gives you price protection going forward.

Businesses receive a free solar installation, financed by the solar company in an arrangement called a “Power Purchase Agreement.” Under the Power Purchase Agreement, your business pays a monthly bill for the solar power it uses. As the solar power significantly reduces the electric utility bill, the two bills combined typically result in lower monthly energy costs for your business. The Power Purchase Agreement gives you a fixed rate for electricity so that your business will no longer be vulnerable to electric rate increases in the future due to volatile fossil fuel prices.

Of course, purchasing your solar panels is also an option.

Services Provided by the Solar Company

In addition for free solar panels and free installation, the solar company insures the panels and provides ordinary maintenance at its cost. Should a component fail, the solar company detects the problem and replaces it. The solar company also monitors the performance of the panels so that it and you can be alerted to any drop in power generation. If there is a drop due to shading by overgrowth of trees or a need for cleaning, these would be the responsibilities of the business owner. However, if the drop is due to failure of panel components, the solar company does any necessary maintenance at its cost. As solar panels have no moving parts, maintenance is minimal.

Multiple Family, Commercial, NGOs, and Government Buildings Qualify

Just about any type of company or organization can install solar. Here’s a list with examples of companies and organizations which have already installed solar.

Agriculture — Yates Mushroom Company, West Grove, Pennsylvania
Business – Toyota, Lancaster, California
Houses of Worship — Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, California
Military — Hickam Air Force Base, Honolulu, Hawaii
Multiple Family — Southern California Presbyterian Homes, Fresno, California
Schools — Desert Mountain High School, Scottsdale, Arizona
Utility District — Tualatin Valley Water District, Beaverton, Oregon

Locations Which Qualify for Solar Panels

The suitability of your building for solar depends on how much sun its roof gets and the size of the monthly electric bill. The more sun and the higher the bill, the more likely solar will pay off. You can find out if your building is suitable for a solar installation by calling our office. We will locate your building on a satellite photo and determine your sun exposure. If you have some electric bills on hand, we will be able to calculate the solar potential of your building. If you want to find out more, we can recommend a solar company that installs panels in your area. Call Rortech Electric at (415) 499-7704 today! We service the entire Bay Area area.

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