Ceiling Fan Installation

About Ceiling Fan Installation

Ceiling Fans Circulate the Air

During the summer, your ceiling fan basically creates an indoor breeze, cooling your skin as the passing air evaporates perspiration. This can make a room feel noticeably cooler. To create this effect, the fan must be blowing air down into the room. This occurs when the fan spins counter-clockwise, with upturned edges pushing air down.

Use the reverse button to change the direction of airflow during the winter. This will help keep your family warm by circulating warm air up and back down through the room. The fan blades should be spinning clockwise, with downturned edges of the blades leading air up and out. If the blades are left to spin counter-clockwise, as they are in the summer, the wind chill effect will make you feel colder during the winter.

Use Less Electricity

It costs much less to operate a ceiling fan than an air conditioner or furnace. You can feel cooler while spending less on energy with a fan. Fans don’t do anything outside of the room where they are spinning, so turn them off if you leave the room.

Ceiling Fan Varieties

There are many ceiling fan designs, so there will surely be on that fits your style and room size. Some even have dimmer switches, helping you to save even more on electricity. We will gladly help you install any ceiling fan that you purchase.

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Ceiling Fan Installation FAQs

Can a ceiling fan add breeze to my home?
Will a ceiling fan add value to my home?

Can a ceiling fan add breeze to my home?

Ceiling fans make a room feel cooler by creating a wind chill effect. They provide inexpensive cooling in the summer by circulating air, but they are also very effective at keeping us warmer in the winter.

Will a ceiling fan add value to my home?

Ceiling fans can definitely add value to your home. Not only does it offer an alternative cooling and heating effect but it can also add beauty to your home. Ceiling fans come in all different shapes and designs to match and compliment your home. Rortech Electric is happy to install or replace a ceiling fan for you.

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